I am an Energy Healer and certified Transformational coach who after 10 years as a banker and co-managing 2 branches, decided to quit my job and pursue my purpose.

A year before, I was dragging myself to work every morning, working 40 hours and more per week and did not feel fulfilled. It was not until I was sinking to one of my lowest lows, and desperately searching for a way out, that I came to the realization that If did not stop and start listening to myself, I would drown. So, I did the work. I focused on inner work and studied healing and spiritual modalities with incredible mentors. I explored, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork. I learned to listen to myself and follow my highest excitement.  But most importantly, I learned to love myself. I fell in love with the world and finally found my light.

The truth is we are to work 8 hours or more per day, 5 days or more per week and that for 40 years or more of our lives. Yet, 87% of us spend all that time doing something we do not like and often hate. That is sad!

My main goal, today, is to inspire and empower men and women to make the most out of life and not let society’s expectations and their own fears limit them. I help millennials love and listen to themselves, I help them reshape their mindset and dismantle the limiting beliefs that are preventing them from creating a powerful life, as I did for years.

Let me help you step into your highest purpose and potential to allow you to create the powerful life you have always dreamed of.